Luxe Listings Sydney

What social media really thinks of Luxe Listings Sydney | WATCH

PHOTO: Luxe Listings Sydney

Luxe Listings Sydney aired on Amazon Prime last Friday and the internet is blowing up about the Australian-based reality TV series.

While some felt it was following a format seen too many times before, many viewers flocked to social media to share their love for the show.

“Luxe Listings Sydney is SO good. I was not expecting this. It’s like Real Housewives Of Sydney crossed with Selling Sunset and it’s classically Sydney tacky,” Hit Network radio host Nic Kelly said.

“This is super-watchable. Love how it takes us into Sydney life. You really get a sense of the neighbourhoods, the restaurants, etc. Plus it offers some Selling Sunset-style personal drama,” Toronto star journalist Shinan Govani tweeted.

Even Amazon Prime’s biggest competition loved the show, with Australia and New Zealand’s Netflix director Que Minh Luu tweeting: “Am loving the Aussie Jewish representation on Luxe Listings.”

“I have a new obsession to fill the Selling Sunset gap in my life. It’s also making me really miss Australia,” wrote one new fan.

“Luxe Listings is so addictive,” one said, while another added: “Just discovered Luxe Listings. My new binge watch.”

“What’s not to love? Stunning Sydney views and the key to some luxury pads,” another said.

A third fan shared some personal critiques, but overall loved the season.

“If you love reality TV and have an interest in luxury real estate in Sydney (mostly coastal), Prime’s Luxe Listings Sydney is perfect as your next binge. The first episode struggles to establish the show’s identity, but from then on its pure mindless entertainment,” he said.

Other fans couldn’t help but compare Luxe Listings Sydney to its international predecessors.