Hayden Gay

Victorian couple splash $525k on their first home in Brisbane but had only viewed it on FaceTime

PHOTO: First Home

With the pandemic causing lockdowns and borders to be closed, more Aussies have been willing to risk purchasing a property sight-unseen.

Buying your first home is a big deal but imagine doing it when you’ve never set foot inside it.

That’s what one Melbourne couple did when they forked out $525,000 for a Brisbane house last year, which they will move into in February.

Daniel and Phil, both 35, were in lockdown in Melbourne when they spotted their dream home but couldn’t fly interstate to view it.

Instead Hayden Gay, sales agent from Image Property, spent 10 minutes over FaceTime showing the couple everything from the view of the street through to the features of the 12-year-old home.

“We did a tour around the complex and then downstairs, upstairs and the courtyard. It’s a three bed townhome and I just gave them a detailed description, showed them cupboards and literally everything that I could think of to marry up with photos and the floor plan that were already available to them,” he told news.com.au.

“They already had information on the property condition, size and features and that was reconfirming that as close to in person as possible, but with FaceTime.”