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Trump supporters are asked to donate $3m to buy President’s childhood Queens home | WATCH

PHOTO: President Donald Trump’s childhood home, located in the affluent Jamaica Estates neighborhood in New York’s Queens borough, is for sale

Trump supporters are being asked to donate $3million to buy the outgoing president’s childhood home in New York to give him as a leaving present – but only $85 has been pledged on the first day of fundraising.

The unusual move would see the five-bedroom house in Jamaica Estates handed to the president as a gift but only once the hefty price is met.

It would also solve a problem for the vendor as the house has been sold twice since 2016 and has yet to fetch anything like £3million despite its links to the president.

Just before his 2017 inauguration it was sold for about $1.4million – about 78 per cent higher than when it sold in 2008 for only $782,000.

The buyer then sold it to the most recent owner for $2.14million at auction.

The president had previously expressed interest in buying the property after he was shown an image of it on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show.