Sydney suburb

Trendy Sydney suburb is named as one the hottest neighbourhoods on the PLANET by Time Out – so would YOU live here?

PHOTO: Marrickville has been crowned the tenth coolest suburb in the world in a Time Out magazine survey (pictured woman shopping at a food market in Marrickville)

A trendy Sydney suburb has been crowned the tenth ‘coolest’ neighbourhood in the world.

Marrickville, in the city’s inner-west, took the tenth spot from 40 suburbs voted the most livable around the globe during an annual survey by Time Out magazine.

The survey took the answers of 38,000 people and asked them to rate the suburbs on community spirit as well as food, drink, nightlife and culture.

With a population of just over 26,000, the trendy suburb has quickly become one of the most sought after areas in Sydney due to its multicultural eateries and vibrant lifestyle.

Packs of young Australians are now flocking to the area that’s also known for its range of eclectic bars as well as the suburb’s annual street festival.