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This property feature can add up to 10 per cent to your home’s value

PHOTO: After 2020 saw many of us turn our dining tables into office space, homes with a dedicated office space are expected to increase in value Photo: Supplied

In these days of physically attending the workplace only part of the week, a great home office can add as much as 10 per cent to the value of a property.

And the larger, more comfortable and luxurious the space, the greater the number of potential buyers will be attracted – and the higher the final price.

With the rise of working from home in the last year, dedicated home office spaces could see a property increase in value by up to 10 per cent Photo: Supplied

One beautiful renovated Victorian terrace currently on the market in Melbourne’s Albert Park, for instance, has a stunning self-contained studio above the double garage.

“A lovely home office like that easily adds five per cent or 10 per cent to a home’s value,” says agent Simon Gowling of agents Greg Hocking Holdsworth.

“It’s completely decked out with bespoke cabinetry, a built-in desk and pinboard but it’s also multi-use, which people love.”