Paridhi Jain

The five money tips every woman needs to know

PHOTO: Paridhi Jain

  • Paridhi Jain is the founder of independent financial platform, SkilledSmart
  • Over the years, she has helped clients save collectively over $1million
  • Paridhi revealed the top five lessons every woman needs to know about money
  • The lessons include learning to invest and thinking five to 10 years ahead
  • She recommends figuring out what is value spending and knowing about cash

The entrepreneur behind a financial education platform that has helped other women to save tens of thousands of dollars has revealed the five money tips every woman should know.

Paridhi Jain, from Sydney, is the founder of the independent financial education platform SkilledSmart, which aims to help adults learn to save and invest their money wisely.


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Over the years she has been running the business, Paridhi and her team have collectively helped their students to create over $1million dollars in personal wealth with their Mastering Money program.