The Block

The Block mystery deepens

PHOTO: What do YOU think? The Block mystery deepens as real estate agent tasked with selling Jimmy and Tam’s $4.2million home says he ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ if host Scott Cam quietly bought the property

The high-profile real estate agent selling Jimmy and Tam’s $4.2million home on The Block has admitted that he ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ if host Scott Cam bought the luxurious property.

McGrath St Kilda principal Michael Townsend told The Herald Sun on Tuesday that he ‘knows nothing’ about the swirling rumours, but said it could be very possible because of Scott’s close involvement in the show.

His comments come after New Idea claimed on Monday that the renovation show host had saved the day by secretly purchasing the Melbourne mansion for himself, after cyber security expert Emese Fajk failed to pay up.

‘Scott’s involved in the show, so there would be no need for a real estate agent to transact (the property). If he has bought it, it wouldn’t surprise me,’ Mr Townsend told the publication.

‘But I don’t know anything about it.’