The Block

The Block bizarre bidder: smart or illegal?

PHOTO: Danny Wallis at the 2021 Block auctions. Picture: Supplied

Eccentric millionaire Danny Wallis once again dominated The Block auctions on the weekend, snaring three houses for a combined $12.25m.

The IT entrepreneur essentially replicated his haul from last year’s season of the reno show – albeit, spending slightly more this time – right down to his bizarre bidding style.

This has involved “bidding in cents” and “trying to stare down and intimidate” competitors, according to buyer’s advocate and show regular Frank Valentic.

But despite the businessman’s repeated Block successes, those in the know have questioned whether replicating his tactics would be worthwhile for a typical buyer trying to win an auction.

This season, Mr Wallis’s unorthodox auction offers resulted in him buying season winners Mitch and Mark’s house for $4,044,444.44, Tanya and Vito’s for $3,800,000.01, and Kirsty and Jesse’s for $4,401,523.67.

He explained the rationale behind his bizarre bidding to 3AW’s Neil Mitchell this week: “They say auctions are meant to be theatre, so you can’t just let the theatre go to the auctioneer. You’ve got to be part of it, also.”