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The 7 best real estate reality TV shows of all time | WATCH

PHOTO: Selling Sunset | NETFLIX

When I want to mindlessly watch TV for an hour or two, there’s one genre that I always turn to: real estate reality TV.

While I’m not in the market for a house right now, I just can’t resist the temptation to watch.

From big egos and petty drama, to extravagant multimillion dollar houses and fast-paced auctions, there’s something for everyone.

And thanks to the introduction of streaming, the world of real estate reality TV continues to grow larger every year.

So, in an effort to find the very best shows on offer, I’ve put together a helpful ranking.


7. Million Dollar Beach House

Image: Netflix. When I first saw Million Dollar Beach House on my Netflix feed, I hoped it could fill the Selling Sunset-sized hole in my heart.

But it just… didn’t.

Much like Selling Sunset, Million Dollar Beach House follows a group of real estate agents as they sell multi-million dollar homes in The Hamptons.

But while the show is certainly full of real estate porn, it definitely doesn’t match up to the likes of Selling Sunset or Million Dollar Listing.

Although the competition is fierce between the agents, the drama on the show often feels… forced.

Plus, there’s no Christine Quinn.

Million Dollar Beach House is available to watch on Netflix.


6. Stay Here

Image: Netflix.