Maddie Pickering

Teen buys home without a ‘cent’ of help

PHOTO: Maddie Pickering, 19, at the site of her first house which she has been planning and saving for since she was 11. Picture:  Channel 9/ACASource: Supplied

A teenager who saved for a home deposit by working at McDonald’s says she did it without any financial help from her parents.

An Aussie teenager who started planning and saving for her dream from the age of 11 saved up a $30,000 deposit and hopes to move in to her new home by Christmas.

Maddie Pickering, 19, who has worked and saved through her school years, finished her senior matriculation certificate a year before her classmates and now owns a house.

Or at least half a house, as her $300,000 home on a new housing estate in southeast Queensland is rising up before her eyes.

Each time Maddie and her mother, Raelene, visit Pebble Creek Estate near Logan, 50 minutes southeast of Brisbane, a little bit more of her house has taken shape.

“Once a week my mum and I come out and I take progress photos, in a little time lapse I’m going to put it together of every stage,” Maddie told Channel 9’s A Current Affair.

“How good is it going to be? Drive up, remote, click my button, yeah! Lucky, very lucky.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to says ‘How did you do that? Oh, your parents must have given you the money’.

“My parents haven’t given me a cent.”




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