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Take a Peek Inside Seth Rogen’s $2.125 USD Million Hollywood Abode

PHOTO: Seth Rogen

Some celebrities treat their home as an oasis of sorts. It’s somewhere they can unwind and not have to worry about being in the spotlight while they’re tucked away. The pressure that comes with everyone knowing who they are and feeling like they know them through their work has to be a challenging thing to balance. But actor-comedian Seth Rogen seems to have that balance down.

Seth has been in the Hollywood scene for a long time. He’s found great success in leading roles, lending his voice to animated characters, writing, and directing. He’s comedy gold! Needless to say, he deserves a lavish and comfortable pad. Along with his wife, the actor purchased a Spanish-style bungalow in the heart of West Hollywood, California, in 2006, for $1.65 million. And it’s come time for him to sell, perhaps for an upgrade?

Seth has decided to move from the space he called home for the past 14 years. The property is currently on the market for a cool $2.125 million. The 2,853-square-foot home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms is described as a “magical Zen retreat.”

The photos certainly play on that nickname, and we’ve got them. Come take a peek inside the Hollywood mansion the star used to call home.

seth rogen home backyard

seth rogen home backyard

Brill Group/Compass

If Seth’s goal was to have a home where he could feel the stress of his life melt away, this home likely filled that need. There is so much greenery in his backyard, providing not only great privacy and shade, but beautiful scenery.

seth rogen home bathroom (1)

Brill Group/Compass