Sydneysiders desperate for Aussie Dream… even 60 kilometres away


Unrealistic Great Australian Dream of a quarter-acre block is over for Sydneysider

The result of Sydney’s property boom: A city of millionaires on the verge of a class divide

Australian housing policy needs to shift away from investors to cater to renters, say experts

Despite a push from planners for a city of high-rise apartments, new data shows Sydneysiders aren’t willing to give up on the traditional Great Australian Dream.


Fastest growth areas in Sydney
LGANumber change from 2015 to 2016Percentage change from 2015 to 2016Distance from CBDMedian house priceMedian apartment price
Camden54327.565 kilometres$720,000N/A
Botany Bay27205.85 kilometres$1,412,500$780,000
Lane Cove11283.115 kilometres$2,260,000$805,000
Parramatta64642.825 kilometres$935,000$556,500
The Hills Shire44402.830 kilometres$1,280,000$739,500

Source: ABS, areas outside Sydney have been excluded, median prices from Domain Group for the December 2016 quarter

There has been a push to become a city dominated by high-rises, but Sydneysiders have different ideas. Photo: Andrew Meares

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