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Real Estate broker mortified after daughter 2, sent nude photos to her contacts

PHOTO: Emily Schmitt with her husband and children. Picture: Facebook Source: Supplied

A mother-of-four was ‘mortified’ to discover her toddler had sent a picture of her bare bum to contacts in her phone – including work colleagues and former uni pals.

Emily Schmitt allowed two-year-old daughter Carsyn to play with her phone while she dried her hair on Sunday, The Sun reported.

But as she stood naked, the 30-year-old was clueless to the snap-happy child taking naked shots of her mother’s bare behind and sending them to various friends on Snapchat.

It wasn’t until she received a text from a co-worker saying ‘thanks for the nude’ that Emily’s pulse started racing – as she realised what her daughter had been up to.

Little Carsyn had sent embarrassing photos to 15 people, including former university friends, a work acquaintance, former clients and co-workers.

Emily rushed to send out an apology as some confirmed they’d actually been sent a picture of her ceiling and Carsyn’s foot, others revealed they had seen her fully nude from the ‘backside’.

Emily has now bravely shared her story to make people laugh – after finding comfort in other parents’ embarrassing toddler tales.

Emily, from Ohio, US, said: “I was mortified. I literally think I died for a minute then came back to life so I could tell people what happened.

“It’s so funny – this child of mine is wild. We just say she’s feral – she cannot be tamed.

“My parents own the real estate brokerage that I work for. To make matters even worse I walked in the next day and my dad, who’s the broker, was like ‘oh look, here comes the company porn star’.

“I was like ‘okay, I quit. I’m done’.



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