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Real Estate Agent: Sex, lies and ‘Sugar Baby’

PHOTO: Jessie Qin 

Sex, lies and broken promises were aired in an intense court battle between two warring ex-lovers who met on a ‘sugar baby’ dating site.

Property developer Barry Wang claims his ex-girlfriend Jessie Qin defamed him when she called him a “rampant sex scammer” and “scum man” in posts on WeChat from April 2020.

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Property developer Barry Wang is suing a young real estate agent

The 39-year-old property developer wants $350,000 in damages, a retraction and a public apology from Ms Qin.

During the 10-day trial in the County Court of Victoria there were tears and tantrums as details of their dramatic relationship became public last month.

A photo Jessie Qin tendered to the court of her and Barry Wang. Picture: Supplied

A photo Jessie Qin tendered to the court of her and Barry Wang. Picture: Supplied

Ms Qin rejected a peace offering to settle the dispute with an apology and a retraction and said she would “never” accept.

The real estate agent represented herself in court and said the posts in Mandarin published on the “Australian Village Gossiper” page of WeChat were true.

“I just stated truth. It’s not like I make up stories,’ Ms Qin said in her defence.

The allegedly defamatory articles called Mr Wang a “rampant sex scammer in the name of dating and marriage”, an “expert pick-up artist” and a “scum man”.

She is also accused of setting up a fake Tantan dating profile using his photo with the message: “My name is Barry Wang, I am scum, scum and scum.”


Mr Wang’s real estate agent ex-lover claimed they were in a “serious relationship” between April 2019 to February 2020 after meeting on the “Seeking Arrangement” website.

The site is described in court documents as an online platform where “so-called sugar babies can meet so-called sugar daddies to make so-called arrangements”.

“At the time I thought I had met my true love,” Ms Qin said through an interpreter during the trial.

She felt she was cheated for sex, love and money and posted the articles on WeChat because she was “pissed off”.

But her former beau Mr Wang became scared of her and their relationship ended in February 2020.

He told the court his friend recommended the site and he went on it looking for a “casual, sexy relationship” and was looking at women who he believed wanted to be “sugar babies”.

During their liaison they never went on picnics, to movies or concerts and did not introduce each other to their friends or family, Mr Wang said.