Bernard Andrew Nash

Real Estate Agent is jailed for FIVE YEARS | WATCH

PHOTO: Bernard Andrew Nash (pictured) has been sentenced to five years jail after lying about how many drinks he’d consumed to get out of a drink driving charge and subsequently lying again when suing the NSW police

  • Bernard Andrew Nash has been jailed five years for perjury after video surfaced
  • Nash lied to the court to escape drinking charges and again to sue NSW Police 
  • He told the court he drank three light beers the night of drink driving charge
  • Staff found video that showed Nash drinking seven schooners in two hours

A real estate agent who successfully sued NSW police after his lies led to his drink-driving acquittal has been jailed for perjury.

Bernard Andrew Nash was found guilty of two perjury charges, relating to false evidence he gave when defending the charge and when suing the State of NSW.

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In the NSW District Court on Friday, Judge Sarah Huggett jailed him for five years and six months with a non-parole period of three years and six months.

The 63-year-old Central Coast businessman testified to having drunk three light beers before he got behind the wheel in 2011.

His false evidence was supported by doctored CCTV footage from Shelly Beach Golf Club, whereas the full footage showed he drank seven full-strength schooners in a little over two hours.

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