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Real estate agent faces court on fraud charge

PHOTO: Janessa Bidgood from Outback Auctions and Real Estate is accused of misleading a property seller.()

A Queensland Real Estate Agent Faces Court on Fraud Charge

Key Points:

  • Janessa Bidgood accused of causing a seller to miss out on approximately $27,500
  • She allegedly presented her own offer and failed to present higher offers
  • She has been automatically suspended from her role as a councillor

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A 32-year-old Cloncurry woman named Janessa Bidgood, who works as a director at Outback Auctions and Real Estate, appeared before the Cloncurry Magistrates Court today on a fraud charge related to a property sale in Mount Isa. It is alleged that in February 2022, Bidgood deliberately and dishonestly failed to present all offers to the seller.

Bidgood, also a Cloncurry Shire councillor, is accused of presenting her own offer as the sole offer available to the seller. Consequently, the landowner believed there were no other offers, leading to the property being sold for approximately $27,500 less than a higher offer.

In court, Bidgood did not enter a plea, and the matter has been adjourned until September 15.

Although the fraud charges are unrelated to her role as a councillor, Bidgood has been automatically suspended from office under the Local Government Act 2009. This suspension follows a similar incident involving councillor Dane Swalling, who was charged with fraud and attempted fraud on December 9, 2022. Swalling’s case is still before the courts.

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Currently, the council is operating with four active councillors, including the mayor. In a statement, the council acknowledged the situation and stated, “While it is not ideal, council is able to operate and vote on items without the suspended councillors.”


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