Property app Dwell

Property app Dwell matches renters directly with landlords, cutting out real estate agents altogether

PHOTO: Image: Dwell

  • A new Australian app called Dwell has launched, which matches renters and landlords.
  • It’s designed to cut out the middle person (real estate agents) and provide a streamlined connection between renters and landlords.
  • The female-founded app launched in New South Wales, with other states to follow.

This app wants to take real estate agents out of the renting process.

Property app Dwell launched this week, which matches landlords and renters. It essentially cuts out the middle person – agents – and allows both tenants and landlords to connect directly.

As a renter, you can search for a property, upload relevant application documents or pet information, and lodge issues that need to be resolved. And as a landlord you can look for a suitable tenant.

The female-founded app was created by Lianne Peters and Eleanor Meireles who are originally from the UK but are now Australian citizens. It partially stemmed from the battles they faced while renting. Peters spent almost three months without a functioning toilet – while pregnant – in a house she rented, despite requesting maintenance.

“Ultimately, renters are making a huge decision about where they will live, and landlords are looking for people they can trust to look after what is likely their most valuable asset,” Meireles said. “Yet so many people have had horrible experiences.

“We created Dwell as we believe in a kinder, gentler and fairer rental market for all.”

The app was designed to make the rental market easier for renters and landlords. It was also developed after insights the company gathered from research done with Decibel Research.