Burleigh Beach

Picture proves property market is insane

PHOTO: The four bed house is situated close to Burleigh Beach. Source: Supplied

The Gold Coast’s “biggest on site auction ever” took place yesterday, leaving real estate agents in disbelief over the shock turn out.

Real Estate Agents were left shocked yesterday after hundreds of people flocked to a house auction on the Gold Coast.

The four bed property on Deodar Drive in Burleigh Heads sold to the highest bidder for $3.75 million.

Agent Conal Martin of Kingfisher Realty said it was the “biggest on site auction ever on the Gold Coast.”

Official numbers are yet to be confirmed, but it’s thought over 600 people were in the room with many others forced to stand on the street outside the property.

Martin told news.com.au that he and other agents in the area were surprised by the turn out, noting, “no one could believe it”. He added, “The gates to the property were shut at 10am, people turned up afterwards but they were too late. They had to stand outside and watch the live stream on their phones.”

Footage posted to social media shows just how busy the auction was with people crowded in the kitchen area listening in.

The property market has soared state-wide with the Gold Coast being one of the top picks for Australians and international buyers eager to flea pandemic hot spots.

Agent Conal Martin told us, “When the southerners came out of their first lockdown we had more enquiries in six months than the previous 17 years from down south. When Victoria went into lock down this week, the enquiry picked up again the day they went into lockdown.”