Monica Green

Mum-of-three’s shock after discovering an intruder was living in her ceiling for WEEKS | WATCH

PHOTO: Monica Green (pictured) and her three kids are living in fear after learning an intruder had been living in their Rockhampton home for weeks

A mother-of-three and her young kids are living in constant fear after learning an intruder was living in their ceiling for weeks.

Monica Green had noticed oddities around her Rockhampton home but brushed it off as faulty security cameras and ascribed misplaced items to her kids.

But after arriving home early from a doctor’s appointment on Monday, the Far North Queensland resident discovered a series of inexplicable disturbances that demanded police attention.

When officers arrived a short time later to conduct a search, they found the manhole to her ceiling partially open – and evidence someone had been living in the roof.

‘I felt violated. I felt like my personal space had been invaded. I felt shocked, terrified, scared,’ Ms Green told the Courier Mail.

Ms Green kept a whiteboard inside the house detailing her schedule which indicated the family were not due to arrive home until later that day.