Hoarder home

Million-dollar sale of clutter-filled residence

PHOTO: The home in Paddinton.

An Uninhabitable Hoarder’s House in Paddington Sells for $3.85 Million

An auction for a dilapidated hoarder’s house in Paddington, filled with junk and requiring millions in repairs, concluded with a staggering sale price of $3.85 million. The amount surpassed the recent sale of a fully intact terrace of similar size, just a few houses down, which sold for approximately $3.5 million, according to records.

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The Former Hoarder Home

The residence, located on Windsor St, was notorious for its floor-to-ceiling furniture and stored items, accumulated over the years by the original hoarder owner. Despite nearly four years of cleaning efforts by the owner’s family to make it more presentable, the listing images revealed that much of the interior was still crammed with items.

During the auction, seven bidders competed for the property, driving the final price $400,000 over the reserve price.

A Family’s Connection

Tracey Butcher, daughter of the hoarder owner named Donald, explained that her father had a tendency to “hold onto everything.” She mentioned that his behavior stemmed from growing up during the Great Depression, a time of scarcity and frugality.

John Cannizzaro of Montano Group, the selling agent, shared that builders were the primary individuals inspecting the property before the auction. Their consensus was that repairs would cost between $1 million and $2 million.

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An Unexpected Result

Although most of the registered bidders were professional builders, a family outbid them all, securing the property with a final bid $25,000 higher than the next-best offer. The sought-after location on Windsor St in Paddington likely contributed to the family’s decision to invest in the home.

The family intends to renovate the property, possibly with plans to pass it on to their teenage children when they reach adulthood. The final sale price of $3.85 million was $400,000 over the reserve, surprising auctioneer Clarence White, who described the outcome as “fascinating.”

“I honestly never thought it would go that high,” White remarked. “It’s completely dilapidated, full of junk. It needed a renovation from front to back.”

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