Ghost Town

McMansion Ghost Town: Inside the $1.6billion resort town abandoned in the 2008 recession | WATCH

PHOTO: The eerie collection of abandoned condominiums near Table Rock Lake are visible from Route 76 in Missouri

  • Indian Ridge Resort Community was supposed to be a wealthy development with the country’s second-largest indoor water park, a golf course, marina and dozens of near-identical ‘McMansions’
  • But the project near Table Rock Lake in the Ozarks was beset by scandal and developers quit in the wake of the Great Recession of 2008
  • Some abandoned townhouses on the 900-acre site are visible from the Route 76 highway in Missouri, and make for an eerie sight for passing motorists
  • A new set of developers has purchased the site, and have released revamped plans for prospective investors
  • Now, with the summer season set to begin, and tourists expected to flock to the popular area, the unsightly mansions continue to decay

When it was launched to great fanfare in 2006, investors were promised the new $1.6 billion Indian Ridge Resort Community in the Ozarks region of Missouri would feature a shopping mall, a 390-room hotel and the country’s second-largest indoor water park – and dozens of enormous, castle-like townhouses.

But 15 years later, the 900-acre development near Table Rock Lake, Missouri, lies mostly empty, and abandoned McMansions litter the vast site in varying states of disrepair.

The project foundered as the 2008 financial crisis hit; loans were defaulted on, and construction work came to a halt.