James Packer hands his sister total control of the family’s $125million property where their father Kerry is buried


PHOTO: James and Gretel Packer, the children of late media tycoon Kerry Packer, were embroiled in an epic clash over negotiations to carve up the family estate

The bitter feud between two of Australia’s most wealthy siblings has drawn to a close, with James Packer signing over an estimated $90million worth of property in a peace offering with sister Gretel.

The children of late media tycoon Kerry Packer were embroiled in a years long dispute on how to carve up the family estate.

But it seems Mr Packer has chosen to bow out of the clash, signing over control of pastoral property in the New South Wales Hunter Valley to his sister entirely, after admitting some of the things he said to her during the period were unforgivable.

‘My sister and I have made up… both Gretel and I make peace. I’m so happy. I love my sister,’ Mr Packer reveals in his new ­biography on his life The Price of Fortune, according to The Australian. 



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