Your Property Co

It’s not the brand, it’s the agent

PHOTO: Your Property Co

Shannon Beavis launched Your Property Co in Maroochydore on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in November 2020, and just three short weeks after opening the doors, he’d racked up close to $3 million in sales.

But he’s no overnight success. His natural acumen, work ethic and experience combined to bring him to this moment.

After graduating from high school and doing a stint at Woolies, Shannon had a revelation.

“One day, about a year and half before I qualified for long service leave, I was looking at my boss thinking, ‘I don’t want to be him anymore, he’s stuck and he just can’t retire.’ It got me thinking what life would be like if I stayed there.”

Some career-oriented soul searching culminated in a job offer at a large real estate franchise in Maroochydore at age 28.

“I used my long service leave, got my real estate licence and started working. It worked out well, so I resigned from Woolies and never looked back.”

Unlike many of his peers, Shannon’s first year in the agency was a runaway success.