Abandoned mansion

Inside spooky abandoned mansion that has stood empty for 30 years

PHOTO: The huge north London mansion features eight bedrooms and servants quarters and now lies in a sorry state of disrepair, filled with previous family’s personal items (top right) such as family photo albums, old books and newspapers and even some artwork. 

  • The north London mansion, which is in a state of disrepair, features eight bedrooms and servants quarters
  • It was discovered by urban explorer Colin Smith, 36, from Hampshire, who shared the footage on YouTube
  • Mr Smith, who stumbled on the property by chance, describe the attention to detail inside as ‘incredible’
  • Newspapers dating back to 1954 and food sell-by dates suggest its been abandoned for at least 30 years

The incredible moment an urban explorer stumbled across a creepy left abandoned for thirty years has been caught on camera.

Former plumber and now full-time urban explorer Colin Smith, 36, from Hampshire, who goes by the name of ‘The Bearded Explorer’ on YouTube was driving home from a job on the outskirts of north London when he spotted the long overgrown driveway of a mansion.

Footage from inside the eight-bedroom property showed the kitchen, former servant quarters, and a bell system where owners could ring the servants, who resided in their own quarters, for assistance.

Silver-plated cutlery, a grand piano and newspapers dating back to 1954 lie strewn across the property.

Sell-by dates on old food cans and newspapers suggest the property has been abandoned for around 30 years, however the reasons for its abandonment remain a mystery.