Inside America’s ‘best’ hotel: The landmark Chicago vacation spot voted number one in the U.S. by TripAdvisor

  • From the windows of my suite at the Chicago Langham I can see large sheets of ice just about starting to thaw in the Chicago River.

Freezing cold temperatures may have engulfed the city at the peak of winter, but my welcome at the Langham could not have been warmer.

And as I stepped into my suite and looked around at my surroundings for the next couple of nights, I knew the cold wouldn’t bother me one bit. After all, I’m in the hotel voted the best in the US by TripAdvisor users.

Never mind the domineering (and slightly gaudy) Trump hotel located a stone’s throw away, the Langham, which opened in 2013, is the only hotel in the world set in a skyscraper designed by legendary modern architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – an absolute delight for the architecture geek in me.

It’s located on the lower floors of the IBM building, Mies van der Rohe’s final commission. The tower was declared an official landmark in 2008.



The centerpiece of the spa is a 67-foot swimming pool with its shimmering spotlights reflecting off the water from above and below

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