professional bridesmaid

I became a professional bridesmaid after ditching a career in real estate

PHOTO: Trent Daft Photography Kerstyn Walsh (second from the left) at a friend’s wedding. She does not publish photos of clients’ weddings as her professional involvement in them has to remain a secret

I was a real estate agent for seven and a half years before I became a professional bridesmaid in Sydney, Australia. I’ve never been married. Before I did this professionally, a friend of mine asked if I would be the master of ceremony at her wedding.

On the day, a whole bunch of things went wrong. It just clicked that no bride should be feeling this stressed on their wedding day. I started “Hire A Bridesmaid” the next day. I’ve been a professional bridesmaid for six years now.

When you do it professionally, you’re there to do the work. I manage the logistics of the wedding day, so the other bridesmaids can just chill. I’ve been to more than 200 weddings and the farthest I’ve travelled is Palm Springs in California.