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How YOU can future-proof your career and bag a six-figure salary – Become a real estate agent

PHOTO: The property sector also performed strongly in 2020 despite border closures with real estate agents and mortgage brokers in demand (pictured: real estate agent Adrianna May at a Sydney auction) 

  • The Covid-19 pandemic has required many industries to adapt to rapid changes 
  • While some sectors did it tough in 2020, others had growth and demand for jobs 
  • LinkedIn revealed top 15 in-demand roles in the ‘Jobs on the Rise in 2021’ report 
  • Construction site managers are heavily in demand and get six figure pay packets
  • Digital content freelancers, social media and marketing whizzes are also wanted

The property sector also performed strongly despite Covid travel restrictions.

With people spending more of the week at home real estate agents and mortgage brokers are in demand as homeowners look to upgrade.

And while brick-and-mortar retail stores did it tough in 2020, their online equivalents boomed – with many businesses turning to the digital space to adapt.


1. Mental health specialist (skills: Counselling and Psychotherapy)

2. Nurse/medical frontline worker (roles: Registered Nurse, Medical Doctor, Paramedic, Clinic Specialist)

3. Social worker (skills: Mental Health, Case Management, Child Welfare)

4. Healthcare, medical support workers (skills: Nursing, Rehabilitation)

5. Construction workers (roles: Construction Estimating, Construction Site Management, Construction Safety, Forklift Operation, Heavy Equipment)

6. Customer service workers (skills: Customer Experience, Customer Satisfaction, Communication)

7. Professional, personal coaches (skills: Business Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Executive Coaching, Personal Development, Mentoring)

8. Real estate specialist (roles: Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Specialist, New Home Sales Specialist, Real Estate Agent) 

9. E-commerce specialists (skills: Shopify, Social Media, Warehouse Operations, Inventory Management)

10. Digital content freelancers (roles: Podcaster, Blogger, Writer, Copywriter, Content Coordinator)

11. Education workers (skills: Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Development, Curriculum Development, Educational Leadership)

12. Financial services specialists (skills: Financial Crimes Investigations, Foreign Exchange, Financial Analysis, Risk Management, Income Tax)

13. Social media/digital marketing specialists (skills: User Experience, Growth Strategies, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Influencer Marketing)

14. Specialised engineering (roles: Back End Developer, Web Developer, Head Of Engineering, Data Manager)

15. Cyber security specialists (skills: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Information Security, Network Security)