Mortgage rates

How to Get Australia’s Best Interest Rates on Offer Right Now

PHOTO: Interest Rates | Supplied

We’ve made it to September, and it’s not just the weather that is heating up.

We’ve entered the spring home buying season in a period of greater affordability for would-be buyers, and the home loan rate war is only getting started.

This is a valuable time for young Australians who have felt priced out of the property market in major capital cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Decreasing house prices mean that owner-occupiers and budding property investors may finally have the chance to snatch up a home in their budget.

We also have a new lowest variable home loan rate in Australia currently sitting below 2 per cent for owner-occupiers. This is a rate that homeowners would only have dreamed of just a few years ago.

Meanwhile, new car sales have been steadily decreasing. For buyers still keen to get their hands on a new set of wheels, this means that the bargaining power may finally be in their hands – and not the dealer’s.

But none of this is achievable without a competitive savings account to help you grow your nest egg. This month, we explore the savings accounts still offering you better returns than some big banks.