Former Domino’s pizza delivery boy who earned $10 an hour owns 14 renovated properties and is now semi-retired at the age of 28

  • A man who makes $130,000 a year from his rental property portfolio claims you don’t need to be investing in million dollar mansions to be able to retire before the age of 30.

    Tony Fleming spent a decade toiling away at Domino’s Pizzas, at times for as little as $10 an hour, but has managed to ‘semi retire’ at the age of 28 after purchasing, renovating and renting 14 homes across New South Wales, South Australia and Sydney’s west.


  • mr-fleming

Mr Fleming scrimped and saved for his first home loan after paying off a car debt at the age of 19. He now lives with his wife (pictured together right, at a Domino’s Rally in 2015) at that home in Sydney’s west

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