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Escape to the country… for just $23,000: How to snap up a huge block of land in a prime country

PHOTO: Thousands of Australians are looking to move to regional areas away from cities where lots like 6 View Street in Lalbert in northern Victoria are being offered for $23,500 (pictured)

Regional blocks of land are being sold for as little as $23,000 as city slickers move away from urban centres to seek a simpler life in the country in 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic, large scale unemployment and an enormous increase in working from home has seen thousands of Australians look for properties away from big cities.

Prospective buyers are searching for locations based on lifestyle requirements, leading many to look into regional, coastal and country lots to develop their dream home.

Real estate agents outside of Australia’s major cities have noted a dramatic increase in city-based clients looking for a change of scenery, with cheap empty lots not far from urban centres providing potential dream locations for buyers.