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Crazy cash real estate stars make on Instagram

PHOTO: Christine can charge over $7500 NZD a post (Image: Instagram)

It’s no secret that celebrities pull in massive earnings every time they post a #spon post on Instagram, although many of us find ourselves questioning just how much they’re getting.

Research has come in from Bankrate has revealed just what some celebrity real estate stars are actually making every time they agree to do a sponsored post.

They looked at almost 100 shows from the UK and the US to find out who the the top ranked property programmes and presenters were on each side of the pond.

It might come as no surprise who ranks in the number one spot, bringing in an eye-watering amount with every #spon.

Mary Fitzgerald
Mary Fitzgerald on Netflix show Selling Sunset (Image: Daily Record)

10. Mary Fitzgerald – £3059.08

The Selling Sunset realtor is known for being “chilled out ” on the show, she spent years living in both London and New York before making the move to Los Angeles.

With 1.2m followers on Instagram a sponsored post can put an extra £3059.08 in the experienced star’s pocket.

Fredrik Eklund
Fredrik Eklund comes in number nine on the list