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COVID-19 is making people rethink where they want to live

PHOTO: Sam Robson and Glen Barbuto said they were more conscious of their home during the pandemic. Picture: James Gourley Source: News Corp Australia

COVID-19 has driven a shift in how Aussies view their homes and has encouraged more prospective homebuyers to accelerate their plans to purchase property. Here’s why.

Aussies have become increasingly dissatisfied with aspects of their homes after being cooped indoors for longer periods during the pandemic.

The result is that almost three in four are rethinking the kind of home and neighbourhood they want to live in, according to research commissioned by developer Stockland.

And one in five said the pandemic accelerated their plans to buy a house.

The main grievance for homeowners was a lack of indoor and outdoor space, with most prospective buyers now putting a higher value on storage space, studies and private outdoor space.

First homebuyers and younger families were also craving more bedrooms, bigger homes, multipurpose rooms and larger blocks.

The research also revealed a shift in location preferences, with close to two in five Aussies now prioritising space over proximity to a CBD, according to the research.