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Cops called after ‘too busy’ home open

PHOTO: SWAT police

Adam Whitford of Xceed Real Estate was in disbelief when SWAT police turned up at the property he was selling in Connolly Western Australia.

The three-bedroom property was a vacant holiday home and had been sporadically lived in since 1993, according to Mr Whitford.

“It was pretty much left to its own devices.

“As a result, the presentation, unfortunately, wasn’t that great and the home needed a lot of work,” he said.

The list of repairs didn’t deter buyers and there was considerable interest once the property was launched through Openn Negotiation.

“It was day two of the campaign and we hadn’t had signage up yet, but we were there just about every other hour.

“It was just inspections booked after inspections; it was so busy.”

The activity levels surrounding the vacant property alerted concerned neighbours, who contacted police.

When Mr Whitford arrived at the property to meet with a buyer, they shared news of an unexpected visit.

“Police with SWAT jackets and a big van had turned up and questioned them [the buyer].

“They genuinely thought that I was a squatter that was coming and going from the home and inviting all my friends over – and I was quite popular obviously,” he said.

After 78 inspections in eight days, there were 11 qualified buyers on the property and bidding had climbed $48,000 above reserve, with one day to go until the final bidding stage.

On the night of final bidding, the property skyrocketed $143,000 above the reserve and sold for $763,000.

“You just put your head in your hands and just kind of shake your head and go, ‘this is unreal’,” said Mr Whitford about the sale.

The tightening WA market and renovation opportunity contributed to the extraordinary result, however Mr Whitford credited the transparency of the Openn Negotiation process as the key driver.