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Cheaper to buy than rent in Sydney everywhere except for Ryde: RiskWise

PHOTO: Sydney | Australia

Apart from one standalone area, it is cheaper to buy a house in Greater Sydney than it is to rent, according to RiskWise Property Research.

Ryde is the only SA4 where the interest-only loan repayments for owner-occupiers in all of Greater Sydney are higher than the annual rent. In all other areas interest-only loan repayments are low, and in some cases well below the annual rent. There are also areas where only a small additional amount is required to also cover the ‘full mortgage’, i.e. both the principal and the interest repayments.

Co-founder of Buyers Buyers, an aggregator providing affordable buyer’s agency services to all Australians with its national panel, Pete Wargent said that while there are multiple factors that should always inform a buying decision, the buy versus rent equation has shifted this year due to lower mortgage rates.

“In the current environment prospective buyers need to consider the reliability of their employment and whether they have a reasonable buffer” Mr Wargent said.

“However, it’s clear that without as much from competition from investors many first-time buyers are now looking to get in”.

RiskWise CEO Doron Peleg said ultra-low interest rates had created a unique environment where buying a house in many areas was cheaper than paying rent on one.