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Australian property investor couple reveal their tips to get rich

PHOTO: The couple says commercial investing is the way to go.

An Australian couple who have built a property portfolio worth $47 million have revealed the trick to success, and it’s something most of us have never thought about before.

If you want to get rich these days you need to think outside the box and turn your attention away from the shortsighted obsession over the residential property market.

That’s according to Australian property investors Scott and Mina O’Neill, who have grown a portfolio now worth $47 million by taking a different path than most.

Mina, 34, and Scott, 35, are both from Sydney and first worked in marketing and civil engineering before growing tired of the 9-5 grind and longing for freedom.

They turned their attention to investing and now operate commercial buyers agency Rethink Investing, which has grown from a two-person company to employing 38 staff. The couple currently own 26 properties, with three property developments underway.

Mina and Scott O'Neill

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Their portfolio has allowed them to gain financial freedom from their jobs, and now they are helping others crack into the commercial property markets.

They are also enjoying being able to spend months of the year travelling and working in different locations.

Their main advice for those wanting to get rich? Focus on the commercial market.

“Now is a great time to invest,” the couple said. “In a higher inflation market like the one we are in today we are seeing commercial rents increases at their fastest rates in decades.”

The couple, who have also penned a book, Rethink Property Investing, said the trick is to look broadly for options.

“Don’t only consider investing in your own local area. Australia has many markets moving at different stages of the property cycles.

“Invest for cashflow and capital growth. Many investors fail to prioritise cashflow and only focus on growth. This is a mistake if you want to create a retirement grade portfolio, cashflow is essential.”

If needed, residential ownership could be a stepping stone to commercial ownership.

“Consider residential property if you don’t have a deposit large enough for commercial. Note that we recommend having at least $250,000 as a deposit for a commercial property.

“And if you don’t have the time to learn about commercial property investing from start to finish, consider using an expert/experience commercial buyer’s agent.”

There are many misconceptions around commercial investing.

There are many misconceptions around commercial investing.


  • Consider investing beyond your backyard, such as interstate
  • Don’t be afraid to consider alternative investment options, such as commercial
  • Only buy based on numbers, not emotion
  • Invest for both cash flow and capital growth, this can be spread across multiple properties
  • Persist and set yourself goals to achieve, you’ll always find a way
  • Become a really good saver before you invest
commercial property

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