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Amazon Prime hires Sydney’s dazzling real estate reality TV show

PHOTO: Gavin Rinubinstein

Australian fans of the dazzling reality series Selling Sunset will enjoy a new high-end real estate series filmed in Sydney.

On behalf of Amazon Prime Video, the unnamed local TV show started production this week and will follow three real estate agents – sales agents Gavin Rubinstein and D’Leanne Lewis and buyer agent Simon Cohen – who rotate and trade luxury homes in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.The series promises to combine stunning port real estate worth millions and millions with the intense drama of a highly competitive market powered by great personalities who do whatever it takes.

When the popularity of the Netflix series Selling ​​Sunset (with real estate agents selling luxury Los Angeles homes) will confirm during the COVID lockdown that this is a formula that will appeal to a wide audience.

If nothing else, the Sydney-based show may offer a glimpse of how these homes fetch the kind of fancy prices that will pop the average Sydney sider’s eyes before lamenting how overpriced the market is.

The three personalities at the center of the series are known in high-end real estate circles.

The real estate agent Lewis is a principal at Laing + Simmons Double Bay, was once known as the “Queen of Queen’s Park” and has record sales of well over 100 million US dollars.

Rubinstein runs his own company within the Ray White Group (where he was a top seller for many years) and one profile called him Australia’s most controversial figure in real estate.