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All of Donald Trump’s Houses – In Photos

PHOTO: Donald Trump, wife Melania | Chicago Tribune

From Palm Beach’s Mar-a-Lago to Seven Springs in Bedford, New York, here are all of the president’s own properties.

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According to an ongoing analysis by NBC News, President Donald Trump has now spent more than a year’s worth of days at a Trump property since taking office. This amounts to nearly a third of his 3.5-year-long presidency.

Just last week, when his younger brother Robert Trump was hospitalized, the president visited him on Friday, August 14th, at Manhattan’s New York-Presbyterian. On Saturday, August 15th, Robert Trump passed away—earlier that day, the president was photographed playing golf at his Bedminster, NJ club. (While it’s widely known that Trump plays a lot of golf—not even a pandemic could stop him from hitting the links—it has been harder to track this activity as his administration often tries to conceals his golf outings.)

Moving into the White House in 2017 granted him access to Camp David as a country retreat, but Trump already had an array of impressive properties at his disposal. And judging by all the trips he’s taken to them as president—costing taxpayers millions in the process—he clearly prefers his own places to a government-issued one.

Here’s a survey of Trump’s personal real estate portfolio.

Trump Tower Penthouse, New York City

Trump’s New York City residence is a gilded, three-level penthouse 66 stories up at the top of Trump Tower, his skyscraper at 725 Fifth Avenue. (Barron, his 14-year-old son, reportedly has a floor all to himself.) His offices were also in the building, so living and working at the same address was not new to him when he moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The White House decor might be a bit subdued though, since the penthouse was modeled after the Palace of Versailles, with rococo decor and a profuse amount of gold.

Trump took Forbes on a tour of the penthouse during the presidential election and told the publication that it was the “best apartment ever built” and bragged about its 33,000-square-foot size and estimated value of at least $200 million. The trouble is, according to Forbes, “those comments were typical Trump: boastful and inaccurate.” The residence is actually 10,996 square feet and worth an estimated $54 million.

In May 2019, Bloomberg reported that Trump Tower had become one of the least desirable condos in New York City for its association with the president. Not only are protests a frequent sighting by the entrance, but in July of this year, the city painted “Black Lives Matter” in giant block letters on the street in front of the building. Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was there for the occasion, said, “Black lives matter in our city, and Black lives matter in the United States of America. Let’s show Donald Trump what he does not understand. Let’s paint it right in front of his building for him.”


Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach

Mar-a-Lago Palm Beach